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CSD's charge that RMA "misappropriated" funds from the Parks Committee

After watching the RMA meeting on channel 5 concerning the issue Dick Taylor raised regarding the "misappropriation of Parks Funds", I would like to see this issue put on the agenda for the next RMA meeting.  This is an important issue and RMA should want to address this openly to ensure that they are participating in the Parks Committee in an appropriate manner.


The Parks Committee is made up of representatives from the RMA, CSD, and the Developers.  The funds for the Parks Committee come from developer fees to build the walking trails and parks amenities.  Once the parks are built, then the maintenance falls to the responsibility of the Common Interest Development they coexist within.  So the funds must be used in an appropriate manner for this sole purpose.


I believe that the Wooden Bridge should have been included in the trail system and therefore would fall under the purview of the parks committee for construction.  Maintenance would then fall to either RMA or CSD depending on how they finalized this responsibility.


What I heard Dick Taylor say to the RMA Board is that the funds were distributed without going thru the correct method for transferring the funds and distributing them.  Since this was raised in an open RMA Board meeting, the RMA Board should put it on the agenda and let everyone know what the resultant outcome is from discussions in the next Parks Committee.  These committee meetings are typically scheduled during normal working hours so most residents wouldn't be able to attend.


Dick Taylor leveled a serious charge against the RMA Board and we deserve to hear the final outcome.

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Parks funds are public funds mandated byt he County

What is up with the RMA Board?  Public by definition means, "Maintained for or used by the people or community: a public park."

Parks development is mandated by the County thru the Planning Ordinance.  The establishment of the Parks Committee and membership is wisely comprised of the developer representatives that actually provide the County mandated funds, RMA who will provide the maintenance, and the CSD that provides the utility infrastructure.

Personnaly, I believe that RMCSD should be the agency responsible to oversee construction and provide maintenance to all the Parks, trails and related structures (Bridge) within their serving area.

RMA Board of Directors keeps demonstrating extremely poor decision making as exemplified by their Directors statements and actions.

In my opinion, Dick Taylor was correct in raising this question and bringing it up in the RMA meeting.  Thanks Dick and shame on RMA Board!  The RMA President didn't win any points by criticising Dick Taylor at the RMCSD Board meeting and then acknowledging that RMA mismanaged the Parks Funds.

Where is the RMA Board leadership?

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