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It was a quiet Fourth of July celebration from Security's point of view, Security Chief Greg Remson said last week.

The security logs contain entries about illegal and legal fireworks, golf cart violations and trespassing, but there were no arrests for drunk driving or reports of altercations. Sheriff's deputies and a police helicopter searched for a prowler early Thursday morning until it was learned the person who entered a home in Murieta South was a friend of one of the home's occupants.

Security was beefed up this year after a fight threatened to break out among older teenagers at the Gazebo following the fireworks last year.

Although the Security Department typically requests the services of six off-duty sheriff's deputies, demand for law enforcement is high over the holiday, and last year only two deputies signed up. This year, Remson took the precaution of hiring four private security guards as sign-ups lagged. However, by July 3, all six off-duty deputy requests were filled.

There were also three Security patrol officers on duty.

Remson said the visible law enforcement presence worked as a deterrent. In addition, mid-week celebrations tend to attract smaller crowds.

At Tuesday's Community Services District Security Committee meeting, Remson provided the following summary of incidents that happened in June. Complete security logs are available here.

  • Two residents, ages 18 and 19, were stopped by sheriff's deputies on Murieta Parkway June 12 in connection with illegal shooting along the unpaved portion of Latrobe Road behind Rancho Murieta. The suspects were ordered by the sheriff's helicopter to stay put but drove into the community instead. Deputies confiscated a rifle, and released the suspects after advising their parents. Illegal shooting is a recurring problem on Latrobe Road.
  • On June 19, a resident reported two teenagers threw a rock at a parked car and broke the rear window.
  • On three occasions, thieves grabbed bottles of liquor and ran out of the Country Store without paying.
  • Two North residents reported thefts from unlocked vehicles parked in driveways and a wallet was taken from an unlocked car in the Lake Clementia parking lot.
  • A complaint was made about chronic vandalism on the North Course, including toilet-papering, graffiti written with shaving cream, tampering with flag sticks and cups, and other problems.

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