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Problem with Raccoons

I am having problems with Raccoons around the house and now in the attic.  Has anyone had experience with this and can you recommend someone to deal with it?  I have read a great deal of conflicting information about them and how to deal with it.  I hired someone who came out and installed an excluder device over a roof vent they were using to get access, but they just ripped out several vents to get back in.  Any recommendations?

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On Monday, give a call to the RMA Maintenance Dept, 3538, and tell the secretary you have a raccoon problem. She has phone numbers of folks who might be able to help.


Just remember not to do something stupid! This is still a preserve and you don’t need the kind of trouble you can get into for messin’ with the wildlife.

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Hi Tim - give me a call at home and I can give you some info. 

Erin Reed


354 1952 or 952 8183

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Hello Tim, I have to tell you that I have heard several horrendous accounts of unruly raccoons and the uncanny ability they have to wreck a perfectly good space in a short amount of time.  When I discovered them in my crawl space last winter, all sorts of horrible thoughts went through my mind.  Conflicted and terribly territorial was I... upon further inspection and with the help of  a rather good flashlight, I noted that the clan included a Mother and her cubs.  Holy ****!  The worst kind too from what I heard.  Experts in the neighborhood warned of my Duct work being destroyed and you know the old saying, give them a finger and they'll want your whole hand?  Well, not only did I give that Mama Raccoon a finger but I also looked her right in the eye and told her she had a week to clear out and by *** if she made a mess, I'll hunt her no good Raccoon *** down and turn her into a collar for my outdated coat.  Make a long story short, she visits occassionally and brings me a gift.

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Myrna Solomon

We had this problem several years ago when a female raccoon had babies in our attic. I called animal control, and they gave me a number of a guy in Sutter Creek who came out to help. He first tried a trap, which didn't work, and then got ahold of male raccoon urine. He said that the males will eat the babies, so this was full proof. He threw urine soaked cotton balls into our attic, and the next day she left with all of her babies but one. That one cried for a few days before my husband climbed up in the attic, snagged it and rescued it. It was about 3 weeks ago, and although I wanted to kill it while it was keeping me up all night, when my hubby handed it to me, I became a softly! The vet gave me a number of a rescue group, called, and met a guy at Hwy 50 and Scott Rd. This all took several weeks of sleepless nights and frustration, so hope your experience turns out better than ours. We also used a device for Moles that a neighbor let us borrow from them that had a sound that repeated every few seconds that we put up in our attic as well, I just remembered that! That could have helped as well. Anyway, good luck!

Myrna Solomon

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We had 'em under the house too. They'd ripped out a vent screen and would come out at night to forage for cat food etc. I found tougher vent screens at HD or Lowe's and replaced some more vulnerable ones, then waited and blocked the one they'd been using with some cinder block during the middle of the night while hopefully they were out foraging. I was very worried about trapping any inside but apparently got lucky and locked up while they were out, so then I blocked that remaining hole with one of the tougher vent screens. To my surprise and relief they didn't even try to rip the new one open but just went somewhere else.

You do NOT want a dead raccoon under or above your house. I was tempted to use a bug bomb to chase them out with the stink but decided the risk of ending up with the lovely aroma of a dead raccoon was too high.

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