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Internet Explorer issues

Thank you for taking the time to read this important tip on Internet Explorer.


I have found that while correcting Internet Explorer browser issues with a toolbar attached to it, like Google, Yahoo, etc, it might cause your browser from responding or be quite slow when opening up.


 If you like having these toolbars and are having problems with the above mention. I would do the following:


1. Go to the control panel, add or /remove programs and look for your toolbar and remove it.


2. Before reinstalling the toolbar, see if the browser starts responding faster. Some times these useful toolbars can get corrupted. If the browser works faster, try reinstalling the application again and see how your browser performances.


 I have also found that in “Windows Vista” these toolbars are more problematic than in” Windows XP”.


 I hope the important tips listed here will help your browser issues. Also, keep in mind that spyware or a virus can cause the same problems. You might want to have your PC checked out by a local tech. If you like to respond in this forum or would like to contact me, I can be found on this web page under the business directory computer services.

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