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Rescuing Murieta's stray cats

Cat 1 Cat 2

These two kittens were found on Puerto Drive.

Over the last three years, Rancho Murieta Homes & Land has trapped the feral cats that are looking for food in the Plaza trash cans at night. The first year, we caught two orange, two black, one smoke and one flame point. We took them to Murieta Animal Hospital, where they were given flea baths, neutered or spayed, tested for Felv/Fiv and got their first shots.

"Happy Tails" took two orange with some financial persuasion; one of our staff, Rebecca, found a neighbor who took in the two black ones and I took the smoke color and the flame point. These cats are wild and take a lot of patience (six months to a year) before you can pet them.

The next season, two more were caught -- one orange and one smoke colored. "Happy Tails" was still holding the first two orange ones, so "no," they wouldn't take two more. Inevitably, they ended up in my guest bath and a year later (now), the orange one with spots (Pumpkin) so enjoys getting petted that he can't get enough! Unfortunately, the smoke-colored one escaped through an open patio door and hasn't been seen since.

This year, as winter began (first week of December), four more were caught. Two are unsocialable, but two are friendly and have probably had some human contact. We wonder if they are someone's lost pets. The two black 8-week old kittens are just darling and so cute together! They were found under a bush a couple weeks ago on Puerto Drive and brought to us by a sympathetic resident rather than left out all night to freeze. I now have these two at my house but I cannot keep them. They are tame, one female and one male, litter-boxed trained, have been bathed and given first shots.

Call Marian at 354-0800 if you are interested in taking one or recognize any.


Photos and captions from Dr. Sisson's office:

Cat 3

A male. Handable but doesn't like to be held. Otherwise he is very friendly. Has two scarred ear flaps.

Cat 4

Handable but doesn't like to be held. Otherwise he is very friendly. Very playful.

Cat 5

Female. Not touchable.

Cat 6

Male. Not touchable.

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