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Reynen and Bardis

The following is an update from my attorneys at Anderson & Kriger.

"Our geotechnical engineers, Terra Pacific, were out in your development two weeks ago doing floor surveys on close to twenty homes as well as doing some subsurface soil investigation.  Terra Pacific dug three test pits and took two concrete cores, taking soil samples from each.  From first glance Terra Pacific believes that there was only about 11/2 feet of fill materials on top of the expansive soils.  When we asked the geologists from Terra Pacific if the 11/2 feet of fill was allowable they stated that there should be at least double the amount of fill when building on expansive soils.  Terra Pacific has taken soil samples for laboratory testing to evaluate the expansiveness of the soil.

We also had our architectural expert, David Hood of Bel Esprit Builders, out conducting visual inspections two weeks ago.  Mr. Hood observed several shower enclosure deficiencies as well as various other defects and is sure to find other issues when he returns to inspect the roofs once we get some dry weather.  Mr. Hood also observed the damages from soil movement which included sticky/inoperable doors, cracked drywall, lifting walls and several other issues.

The investigation of the soils and miscellaneous architectural problems would be continuing over the next several months.  To date we have filed two lawsuits against R&B.  R&B was served the complaints last week"

We will keep you all updated as we hear anything.

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ruining home prices

Has everyone noticed that developer owned homes are being listed for sale  on the MLS at prices more than 100,000 under the already depressed market.  Im assuming they are builder owned as the listing agent is the builder.  I guess causing hassles for the owners of defective homes wasnt enough.  Now, in their efforts to rid themselves of problem homes, they may impact those who are selling or trying to refi their homes in RM.  Ive been told that these "sold as is" homes can be included in an appraisors comps.  They dont consider them as a separate catagory of home.  Im sure the homes are being sold with a full disclosure of their problems, corrected or not, but selling these homes at such low prices will lower all our property values, and could potentially cause someone to loose their home if they can't refi.   I hope that the county and state officials who hold the power to issue development permits look long and hard at what an impact this builders actions has had on our community before they grant them to right to build somewhere else.  I guess I was raised with a different set of values.  



Doug Lewis

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