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Skid Marks on Lago

Anybody know anything about the looooong skid marks at Lago & Carreta Ln?Surprised

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Skid marks on Lago

The skid marks were caused by a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and then forcefully applying the brakes.

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Skid Marks

According to my 3 children, who were almost run over by the car, these skid marks are actually a little more serious then they look. The car could have killed my 3 girls as they were walking home from the school bus. A silver sedan car, driven by 2 young ladies ( high-school age ), was actually racing with another car ( a silver SUV ), lost control and apparently drove straight onto the sidewalk towards my kids who were only about 15-20 ft away. This must have seemed very "funny" to the 2 young ladies, as they were seen driving away laughing as if nothing happened.....

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