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WARNING for parents with students at Chico State

Last night our daughter, son and a friend who share a house in Chico while attending school at Chico State were robbed.  They left home together to go out and when they got home thier lives had been turned upside down.

The thieves broke in through thier back door.  They stole 2 laptop computers, a brand new state of the art Apple desk top computer, a new 42 inch plasma tv, a Wii, a brand new XBox Elite (a Christmas present), games, cameras, jewelry, 3 Ipods (one of which was another Christmas present) and other items. Also a friend who had gone out with them left his backpack at the house with his laptop in it and it was also stolen.

These kids had no renters insurance, something which we are kicking ourselves about because we had discussed purchasing it for them.  They now have no computers  to do thier schoolwork on, anything they had on thier computers is gone...schoolwork, pictures, important corespondence, etc..  They went through drawers looking for stuff, my daughters clothing pulled out and scattered about the room.

The stuff on the computers can't be replaced, the feeling of violation will never be gone, they will never be comfortable again where they are living.

The police said this robbery matches the M.O. of a series of robberies that are happening in Chico. 

Warn your children, be sure they have renters insurance and be sure they back up their computer information to disks, separate hard drives or thumb drives and store the back ups in a safe place.  Keep a list of the serial numbers of all their computers and other electronics.  The police told them that these theives are actually selling some of the stolen stuff on Craigslist.  If you have the serial numbers you can identify the items that might appear on Craigslist that are yours.

We live in the Atlanta area now and we are feeling rather helpless being so far away from them.Cry


Lynda Gavelis

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a good warning for all college students

I suspect that this is a good warning for any college student living away from home, and not just those at Chico State. Students often make good targets.

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Thanks for Sharing!

Thanks for sharing your heart-wrenching ordeal with us.  The last thing we think about when we are getting ready to send our children off to college is the fact that they may become victims of a burglary!  We have been thinking about purchasing a laptop for our son who will be headed off to college in the Fall.  We will probably get his name engraved on it to assist in the identification process just in case the computer ends up missing.  We will definitely be looking into renter’s insurance too!!  This is something that did not cross my mind until I read your article.  I hope they are able to locate those responsible for this dreadful crime!!

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