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Kudos to Security

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to our excellent Security staff, especially Sergeant Bieg and Officer Lucinda Neal, in dealing with a serious security issue on Sunday, February 10. Their prompt response and careful coordination with the Sacramento Sheriff's Department averted a potential life-threatening situation as a result of an unlawful trespassing on our property. We depended on their professionalism as we have in the past in dealing with matters of security within the Rancho Murieta community.

Our excellent security force allows the residents of Rancho Murieta not only the satisfaction of living in a community with beautiful surroundings, but also a high level of confidence that our safety and well-being will not be compromised by illegal activity or violation of the CC&R's which maintain our pristine community.

It is our hope that CSD Security Division will make a serious effort to retain excellent security officers like Sergeant Bieg and Officer Lucinda Neal, who put their lives on the line for us every day and allow us the privilege to reside in our wonderful community in safety.

Thank you for allowing us to express our feelings of appreciation.

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Kudos to Security

OK, OK, OK..... They're wonderful, etc. etc. but, WHAT DID THEY DO? "Serious security issue" "Their prompt response and careful coordination with the Sacramento Sheriff's Department averted a potential life-threatening situation as a result of an unlawful trespassing on our property." "who put their lives on the line for us every day." Give me a beak! Did they prevent a Nuclear attack on the Clubhouse? Give us the facts! Are you an agent for our security dept and trying to get them a better contract? What were the circumstances and what did our Security forces do?

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a private issue

It sounds to me like security responded to a call where the resident felt threatened. I understand not wanting to divulge the details, but still be appreciative enough to post.

By the way, the patrol folks do put their lives on the line everyday, which is why they wear their bullet proof vest and carry a gun -- they are the limited law enforcement out here. The same crimes happen out here, just much less often.

I'm sure that the security folks appreciate the positive feedback, particularly comparing that to the heat that they often take!

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I am always glad they are

I am always glad they are out here. Nice to have someone local!

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Bullet Proof vests?

While I'm sure that they have them at their disposal or I would hope they would, do they in fact wear them on an ordinary basis as it sounds they do from another post?  Why did this not make the newspaper if this was a dire situation of life and death criticality?  How did the perpetrator get through the gates? Why do situations like this become smoke in the wind that is rarely reported on if at all?

I am still at a loss for the statement that the CC&Rs are responsible for maintaining our pristine community.  How does that link up with the safety and well being of homeowners when the majority of us dont know whats happening during the trespassing incident other than the SSD helicopter that may be orbiting the local street?


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yes, vests....

The Officers that I know do wear their vests on a daily basis,
though I don't know if all do, or if there is a department
policy. I do know that they are expensive, and have to be
purchased by each officer out of their pocket every so many years.

I suspect that the only stuff that makes the paper are those incidents
that attract a reporter or enough attention that a statement is put
out. I also suspect there are a number of things that happen that
us "regular folks" don't hear about.

I don't get the CC&R bit either, but I think it's often thrown in by
folks because it's difficult to separate csd functions from rma

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Came From Recitals

This is only a guess, but I believe that kind of thinking originated in the recitals to the CC&Rs. The CC&Rs said that or something close to it from the very 1st CC&Rs, and that was a good while before RMCSD even existed.

             D.            It was the intention of the original subdivider and the developers of subsequent phases of Rancho Murieta, to convey the residential Lots and Common Area properties within the portions of Rancho Murieta described in attached Exhibit "B", subject to certain easements, protective covenants, conditions, restrictions, reservations, liens and charges as set forth in the Original Declaration, and subsequently consolidated and restated in the First Restated Declaration referred to above, all of which are for the purpose of enhancing and protecting the value, desirability and attractiveness of Rancho Murieta and all of which shall run with the real property comprising Rancho Murieta and be binding upon all parties having or acquiring any right, title or interest in any portion of the Rancho Murieta common interest development, their heirs, successors and assigns, and shall inure to the benefit of each Owner thereof.  Rancho Murieta is a "planned development" as that term is defined in California Civil Code section 1351(k). 

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