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R&B homes in the Bee

If you missed it, the Bee has a Page 1 story this morning about the problems with Reynen & Bardis homes in the South.  The story is substantially the same as the one that appeared here in November.  The Bee story says two homeowners have filed suit and more are planning the move.

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Reynen & Bardis

Reynen & Bardis has filed for bankruptcy which poses many questions as to how a judgement against them would be handled. The real question is how will they be prevented from reorganizing under another name and spring back into action in some other community in the USA? I understand that this is the way it's done. Surely this is not true.

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R & B

The fact of Bankruptcy has not been established. It is apparently anticipated. I withdraw the statement and change this to "In the event R&B files for..."

The recent articles describing loan defaults and lawsuits against this developer for issues that should have been addressed along the way demonstrates that even while times were good these folks weren't. They screwed up the environment and couldn't even perform their primary task, building a house. It is imperative that future developers are screened, like employees, prior to building. Naturally the question is who will do the screening? The answer is, whoever issues building permits. They, by name should also be held accountable in any legal action against a developer for the types of non performance demonstrated by R&B.

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