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Testing new RM.com service -- emergency messages

You can count on RanchoMurieta.com to deliver urgent news, but what if you're away from your computer -- or if the power is out? We're testing a new service for RM.com members to address emergency situations, and you're invited to be part of the test.

The service sends brief text messages to cell phones that are equipped to receive them.

Registered RM.com members: If your cell phone is able to receive text messages, click the button below to enroll in the test. In the coming days, we will test the system once or twice.  If there's enough user interest, and if the system tests well, we'll make it a permanent offering to RM.com members.

It would be an emergency system, used only in extreme situations.  You would not get many of these messages over the course of a year, but you surely would value the ones you get.

This is a good time for the reminder that RM.com gets a lot of news tips from people who take the time to share them.  So if you have news, please call 354-3916 or write editor@ranchomurieta.com.  It might be how the whole community finds out about something.

Here's the button to enroll in the test.  As always, the personal information you supply there will be shared with no one -- no one.


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Thank you

What a great idea. Thanks, Karen!

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Getting ready to test...

If you want to join the test, please do it today.  The first test is planned for Tuesday, and the more testers the better.  Thanks to those who are aboard already.

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Definitely a great idea!!

Definitely a great idea!!

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Emergency messages

This is so needed!  RM.com is the first place I look for information - emergency and otherwise.

Thanks so much.

Jude Gaither

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A fine idea

I only wish it had been mine.


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Any chance we can get you to run the RMA Communications Program???  The whole bag???

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Standing Ovation !

Way to go ! Leave it up to Karen and Ralph to KISS ! An excellent solution without CSD having to spend an ungodly amount of $$$ on stale and last-gen technologies.


My technological hat is off to you guys.



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great ideal!

great ideal!

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