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Interpreting CSD survey data

Jack Tavolario, one of the volunteers who worked on the CSD Security survey, sends along some deeper looks at the results. Log in as a site member to see the attachments below.

He defines some rules for the way he interprets the data:

1. In order to be marked as “totally happy”, no question can have been answered, other than for comments. There were surveys that had the little box on the front checked, but then still answered the questions. 
2. On question #7, I wasn’t aware that it was intended to allow multiple answers, so if someone marked more than one, I entered the leftmost answer. 
3. On most questions that had multiple possibilities but only one answer was supposed to be marked, if there were two checks for the same question, I entered the leftmost answer. 
4. I attempted to enter the comments verbatim, but could not underline words nor did I always attempt to capitalize for exclamation. 
5. I assigned a sequential number to each record as it was input in order to make sure I could go back to that record in case something had to be redacted. That is the number seen on the comment’s lines.

Of the comments files, he writes:

There are two formats. One is they are separated by question and sorted by residence.
The other is, they are oreded by residence, but all comments for a survey are together.
Of course they are color coded as to the section they were asked.

He has a separate breakout for comments about the gates.  He explains:

These are all the comments that have the word "gate" in them someplace. I think it shows how important the gates are.

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