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Text message test, Tuesday evening

Another attempt was sent at 9:27 p.m. Tuesday.  Please indicate what time you got the message and, if it's OK with you, your cell carrier.

Again, thanks.

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I did not receive the 1:02 message but did receive the one sent at 9:30 p.m.

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Test message

Go my only message at 9:30 pm tonight.  Carrier is AT&T.

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second try worked

Shows as sent at 9:27, received at 9:30. Still haven't received first one. Sprint PCS.

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I got your message at 9:30. My carrier is AT&T.


Stan Morrison

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Received the message at

Received the message at 9:30pm. Did not receive the afternoon message. Verizon.

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Received at 9:30.  Sprint

Received at 9:30.  Sprint PCS

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received @ 9:30 pm. thank you.

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Text Message

I received the message at 9:30 PM Feb 26,2008


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Text Test

Did not receive the first one, but the second one came in at 9:30 PM


Bill McCarver

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Test Text Message

I received my cell phone text message at 9:27 pm on Tuesday. My carrier is AT&T. This is the first one I received. Thank you.

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