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3rd Annual California Capital Airshow

The 3rd Annual California Capital Airshow is being held this year on March 15th and 16th. YES! It is only two weeks away.

This year the US Navy Blue Angels will be the stars of the show. For those of you that remember the 1st Annual, you know that they put on a terrific show.

Those that went to the 1st Annual in 2006 may also remember the traffic and the vendors running out of food. I do, I was stuck in traffic and hungry for 2.5 hours trying to get back to Rancho Murieta. Well, last year all of those logistic problems were taken care of. Food was plentiful and getting in and out of Mather was a breeze.

You can check the website for all the information and to get tickets. http://www.californiacapitalairshow.com/

If any of you remember the movie 'True Lies' (1994), the airplane that starred alongside our Governor will be putting on a show this year. The Harrier is scheduled to be retired soon, this may be the last time to see it in it's military 'clothes'. This is not listed on the web site, but that is what they told the volunteers last week.

The web site for the airshow provides a list of things that you can bring. They have ear plugs listed as optional. If you went last year, you know that the F22 was loud, the Harrier will be at least that loud. My suggestion is that you pick up some ear plugs for everyone in your group. Airshows can be noisy!

Finally, if you want to volunteer, there are still some people needed. There is a meeting at 6:30 PM on Wednesday March 5th at the Rancho Cordova City Hall, 2729 Prospect Park Drive, Rancho Cordova.

Take a few hours and come out to the Airshow!

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It is this weekend. Looks to

It is this weekend. Looks to be a great show.

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