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Security on Tuesday revised downward the number of car break-ins that occurred early Monday and asked anyone with information about the car burglaries to come forward.

Security Chief Greg Remson said there were eight incidents Monday -- four on Pescado Circle and two each on Terreno and Trinidad drives. Four incidents were by forced entry, he said, and four were through unlocked doors, including two through open overhead garage doors.

Remson said the confusion about the total number of incidents -- down from the 11 reported Monday -- was because reports were coming in all day Monday and being handled by both Security and the Volunteers in Partnership with the Sheriff, and the lists had some duplication.

Remson said a wallet taken by the thieves was recovered in the spillway on the first Guadalupe near Terreno Drive. The cash was gone but the other contents were still there, he said.

Remson asked that anyone with information about the thieves call Security (354-CARE or 354-3743) or the sheriff's substation at Rockingham (875-9600).

On Monday, Patrol Officer Stacey Ramsey said a number of residents saw two people dressed in black in the vicinity between 1:30 and 3 a.m., but no one called Security.

Among the items taken were the wallet, a garage door opener, cell phone, passport, pocket knife – most of it “the stuff you leave in your car,” Remson said.

Ramsey shared Security photos of the damaged cars Tuesday morning. The photos are published below, in the story comments.

Car crimes

Patrol Officer Stacey Ramsey, left, and Security Chief Greg Remson discuss the break-ins with Jacque Villa, a volunteer with Volunteers in Partnership with the Sheriff.

The biggest loss for victims was the damage to the cars. Ramsey said one car’s door was pulled away from the frame, its roof was damaged and its window popped out and broken. Other vehicles suffered broken windows and pry marks on the car’s body.

We don’t have that very often,” Remson said of the forced entries. “Breaking into unlocked cars, it happens every once in a while. That’s why we tell people not to leave valuables in their cars and to lock them.”

The James L. Noller Safety Center was open Monday, and Volunteers in Partnership with the Sheriff took reports from crime victims at the center and at victims’ homes.

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Juvenile Pranks or Drug Users?

So are these juvenile pranks or drug users needing to raise money for their next fix? So does Chief Remson and maybe one of our RMA directoes still believe we don't have a drug problem?

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Car break-ins

If you had your vehicle damaged by these vandals and thieves I am sorry for your loss and inconvience. It is a shame that we have to deal with problems like these in our community.

If you have a vandalized vehicle in need of repair you  can call me at K K Collision Center and I will repair the damage quickly and correctly for you.

John Hein

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You only need to catch one of them

Why is this such a difficult task?  Catch one and make them take the blame for all or cough up their friends in fun.  Gee last year it was the bridge, then the Gazebo drug market, drugs found near clementia, and now more vandalism.  We heard in February that CSD knows who the bad apples are.  With that information they are now liable for not doing anything about it.  What is it going to take to elevate this to "ENOUGH ALREADY".  Maybe a paintball to the back to tag these jewels of the community would do the job.  This is a gated community.  What is going on at 1:30 AM that is above board and a reason for dressing in black.  Find them, punish them, shame their "parents", then move on.  Summers almost here and the paint will no doubt begin to fly at the bridge again.

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Security photos of car damage

Security Patrol Officer Stacey Ramsey provided these photos today, showing some of the damage:

Car damage

Car damage

Car damage

Car damage

Car damage

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Hate to point out the obvious...

"Security Patrol Officer Stacey Ramsey said a number of residents saw two people dressed in black in the vicinity between 1:30 and 3 a.m., but no one called Security. "

 So why didn't anyone call security if they saw people walking around dressed in black at 1:30-3:00AM????  If you see something suspicious, report it!

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Is this enough damage that CSD/Security will finally offer a reward? Until you guys finally get tough, it's just going to keep happening.

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Beth,   Do you, the



Do you, the police, or Security have any evidence that these break-ins were all done by a bunch of bleary eyed drug users trying to make money for their next fix?


I’m sorry, but to me its quite a leap going from a bunch of cars being broken into, to saying its because we have some kind of huge drug problem out here.


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To the best of my knowledge, the last time this happened, Security caught and prosecuted the perpetrator(s).  Your post implies they never catch anyone doing this.  We don't need people throwing gas on the fire.

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If you're referring to the 17 car break-in last year, if I'm not mistaken a resident who witnessed the thieves got in his car and followed the them out of the community and called authorities with a license plate, etc.

There was no need for a reward to be offered, they caught the three (one juvenile resident and two former residents one juvenile and one adult) who were involved.

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Very Sad All Around

People who leave their cars unlocked and exposed are putting themself at-risk for break ins (not at fault, just putting yourself at risk). However, this type of breaking and entering is a much different problem, and deserves community attention.

To that end, how sad that people don't call security when folks are rumaging around in black at 1:30AM. Complacency? Naiveté? I don't know. But whatever the reason, we need to buck up, do the right thing, and help our security officers as much as we can.

Police/Sherrifs/Security Officers can't be everywhere for everyone. But in my experience, whenever a call has been made, they ride in ASAP to check things out.

What a difference a call makes. Just do it.


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