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Problems in 'The Greens'

Attention any homeowners in The Greens development.  We are on Colbert Drive and are having some fairly major problems with our home (cracked foundation, shattered window, doors not shutting, dozens of stucco and concrete cracks, etc.).  We have recently spoken with an attorney not involved in the case and he has suggested that we have an inspection completed by an indepedent party.  We are interested in joining the class action suit with Anderson and Kriger but would first like to know the extent of the damage to our home.  We are looking into hiring someone to come out and do an inspection and write up a report which could later be used in a law suit.  The attorney we spoke to has highly recommended someone who is an expert in this sort of thing.  We are seeking other neighbors who might want their homes inpected as well.  It would be more cost effective if the inspections were all done on one day, as the inspector would be traveling from the bay area.  If you are interested, please contact me at erindubey@hotmail.com or 354-1924.

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Good luck with whatever

Good luck with whatever option you choose...

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Update to "The Greens"

My husband and I were contacted by the warranty company that covers our home and we were given a contact person at Reynen and Bardis.  We were informed that R & B was willing to come inspect our home and if warrantable, complete repairs.  The customer service representative at R & B was very prompt in returning my email and we are scheduled to have someone come out next week.  If you are having problems with your home, I suggest you contact Melanie Cook at melanie.cook@RBHOME.US.  We are still planning to have a private inspection done so that we can compare the reports.  We have not scheduled a date yet but I will post to the RM website when we have more information.

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Best of Luck with R&B...

Luckily you live close to us in Blue Oaks!  We're our own little support group for real estate atrophy.  :)  Good luck with R&B- they aren't faring well financially, you may want to work QUICKLY.  Its good to hear you know you need your own floor surveys done.  Remember if you are going to sign up with Andersen & Kriger that they will advance you the expert fees (you pay out of your cut of a settlement). 

There are some good conversations on this topic on murietaonline.com- you might be able to get a little background on what you're headed in to.  Email me directly if you would like the names of the engineering firms I worked with- I was very happy with them and the contract I was able to negotiate since I was paying out of pocket (we chose not to go with Andersen & Kriger).  Keep your chin up-- R&B could be difficult to get any significant work out of with their current financial situation.  It could be rough road ahead if you need to get your foundation fixed.


Best of luck,


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