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Red square Previous coverage: Security revises number of car break-ins and asks help of witnesses

Murieta North was hit by a string of six car break-ins early Wednesday, the second night of car crimes this week.

Unlike the break-ins Monday, these crimes resulted in a series of calls to Security -- at 12:46, 3, 3:15, 3:30 and 4:30 a.m., reporting incidents occurring around lower Murieta North, according to Security Chief Greg Remson. The first break-in was reported at 3 a.m., Remson said.


Deputy Van Truong takes fingerprints Wednesday morning at one of the vehicles hit hours before.


Blood was found in vehicles on Murieta Parkway and Carreta Lane, where windows were broken out. Blood in the bed of a pickup truck parked in a driveway on Carreta was still wet when the owner discovered the burglary early Wednesday morning.

Sheriff's Department crime scene investigator Deputy Van Truong gathered evidence throughout the morning that included blood, a flashlight and fingerprints.

"They may have cuts on them," Remson said of the criminals, "and hopefully somebody will notice and let us know." He said items were taken from five vehicles.

He added that the burglars apparently left behind a flashlight, which was shared with sheriff's investigators.


The burglars apparently left this flashlight behind.

According to Remson, a woman on Pescado made the 12:46 a.m. call, saying she'd heard a sound like someone checking car doors. When she looked from her second-floor window, she said she saw someone and yelled at them. That person took off, and a second person could be heard -- but not seen -- running across her deck.

She described the person she saw as a short male with brown hair and dressed in black.

Other incidents -- ranging from a break-in, unusual noises and lights, seeing people at a neighbor's car and a car alarm -- were reported on Lago Drive, Pescado Circle, Colina and Carreta lanes.

After the sun came up, residents discovered two cars had been broken into on Murieta Parkway.

Among the items stolen -- a laptop computer and about $300 in cash.

"It's got to be a local," Remson said of the criminals, who apparently are using the common areas and golf course to travel around the community. "The locals know the area. They're not worried about anyone chasing after them."

Remson said Security's one officer on duty responded to calls through the night. "We're asking for the Sheriff's Department's help with graveyard patrols through the community," he said.

Remson repeated the request that neighbors contact Security or the Sheriff's Department. Security's numbers are 354-CARE and 354-3742. The sheriff's Rockingham substation can be reached at 875-9600.

"People called, and that's good," Remson said of Wednesday's reports. Security got no calls during Monday's incidents, in which eight cars were broken into, even though some residents later said they'd seen suspicious people in the area.

"If they think anything's out of the ordinary," Remson said, "do not hesitate to call the South Gate dispatch."

The Community Services District has a standing maximum $1,000 reward for information that leads to criminal conviction.

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