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[Updated March 15] Six people were arrested at a home on Puerto Drive late Friday afternoon and charged with possession of marijuana for sale. All six are male; two are 17-year-old minors, authorities said.

Security responded around 5 p.m. after a neighbor called to say someone was climbing through a window into the home. Security Chief Greg Remson and Sgt. Jim Bieg notified the Sheriff's Department and rushed to the home, looked through the open window and saw marijuana and plastic bags on the scene. They detained the six to await the arrival of deputies. One of the six, who's 18 years old, is a resident of the home, deputies said. The four adults charged were identified by Deputy Steven Forsyth as Austin Williams, Michael Hodson, Nicholas Zanotti and Andrew Garcia.  Officers at the scene said all four are 18 years old, but Zanotti is 19 and Garcia is 20.

Bag of marijuana

Deputy Robert Serranzana carries evidence from the scene.

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Woo Hoo! Congrats on the bust! So much for the theory that there are no drugs in R.M.

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I wouldn't be shocked to

I wouldn't be shocked to learn that these thugs were also responsible for the auto break-ins. Let's hope so because it should mean that the thefts will stop.

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Let's be realistic

First off I can pretty much say that these people, not "thugs" as it was put, are not responsible for the auto break-ins because one of them had their own car broken into. It is not fair to turn them into scapegoats for all the things in Rancho Murieta that people aren't happy about. Let's be realistic, as a person who spent part of my teenaged years in Rancho Murieta I can say that drugs have been around in this community long before these guys were invovled with them.  Blaming everything on them isn't practical and isn't fair to these guys or their families. What these guys did was not right and I'm not saying that it was or trying to justify it, but I know most of these guys and know that they aren't bad people and do deserve to be treated with respect even if they made a poor choice.

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Yes, let's be realistic.....

Although I'm sure that the use and selling of drugs was the only infraction/bad choice here (yes, there is a bit of sarcasm), I do wholeheartedly agree that they should not be blamed for all of the troubles in RM. Unfortunately as for the rest of your comment-are you kidding?

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TV Documentary on Drug Use

A National Documentary titled Crystal Darkness, TV airs Wednesday, 26 March at 6:30 p.m, I believe on Channel 10. Check TV program for accuracy of time and channel. This documentary hits home in nearby Yolo County and  delves into the enormous societal devastation being caused by use of methamphetamines, i.e., crystal meth. Supposedly it explores the "harmless" use of marijuana and its seductiveness leading to experimental use of  more dangerous drugs as ecstasy and the disastrous crystal meth, particularly in the formative years of youth. Likely this path of graduated drug use has been experienced to some degree more or less, in most, if not all  families and/or friends. It should provide an understanding of the causes and effects of the drug usage, as well as solutions to this great societal problem, in the hope of turning around otherwise destroyed lives into productive living.     

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Murieta Crimes and Drugs

A repeat of the National Documentary "Crystal Darkness" airs Sunday, 13 April , 5p.m., Channel 10. This popular expose' reveals the devastation on society of methampetamine use by youth and not so young, what leads to its use, such as more "innocent" use of experimental "permissive" drugs as marijuana, and possible ways to eradicate this scourge. Judge its merits for yourself.   

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