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Welcome to Murieta March Madness!




The opening round of the first Murieta March Madness -- where you vote to decide the winners -- looks spectacular. The first-round games will be held Friday through Monday, with 24 hours of voting at RM.com for each contest.

Here's a look at the tournament.




Friday: Teams from the Staff Conference are featured on opening day. The CSD's general manager, Ed Crouse, meets RMA GM Dave Stiffler in Game 1, while CSD Security Chief Greg Remson goes up against RMA Assistant General Manager Danise Hetland in the second half of the doubleheader.




Saturday: It's President's Day, with present and past presidents crashing the boards. RMA President Jack Cooper tangles with CSD President Wayne Kuntz in the opener, and RMA Director (and former president) Paul Gumbinger meets CSD Director (and former Country Club President) Jerry Pasek in the nightcap.




Sunday is Ladies Day. RMA Director Bonita Jones takes on CSD Director Bob Kjome in the opening tilt, while CSD Director Bobbi Belton battles RMA Director Chris Pedersen in the second game.




Monday wraps up the first round. RMA Director Mike Martel goes against CSD Director Dick Taylor in a long-awaited showdown, and the most recent RMA directors to join the board -- Dick Cox and Mel Standart -- meet in the final match of the opening round.

Winners advance to second-round games March 26 and 27. The Final Four matchups take place Friday, March 28.

The championship showdown will be held Monday, March 31. (Unlike that other tournament, Murieta March Madness actually ends in March.)

Anybody brave enough to predict the Final Four and the champion? Post your picks below if you dare.

Get ready for the tourney! The first games start 7 a.m. Friday!

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Okay, I have absolutely no idea what this is. I'm not a sports fan and I know nothing about golf. For anyone else like me, can you please explain a little more what this is about.

Thanks Laughing

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Everybody into the Pool

16 brackets and 16 photos are worth two thousand words. You are right on. Where do I place my bet?

Al Somers

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Very clever

how are the picks made? Or is that coming on Friday?

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More about Murieta March Madness

Beth: Yes, it's a sports thing -- borrowed from college basketball.  Starting today, and for the next three weeks, 64 college teams will be pitted against each other in games all over the country in the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship, which everyone calls March Madness.  (The games will be all over the TV, Internet and newspaper.)  It's a single-elimination tournament, which means if you lose once, you're done.  If you win, you advance to the next round to play one of the other winners.  The 16 competitors in Murieta March Madness will be reduced to eight, then four, then two, then one.

Blake: RM.com members will be able to vote in each game for 24 hours, starting at 7 a.m. Friday.  You just sign in, go to the Forums and vote.  (What criteria do you use for voting?  That's up to you, but it's a silly contest, so don't think about it too much.)

Al: We're shocked -- shocked -- that you would associate any March Madness with betting.  Instead, you could pick your final four and a winner and post them here.  But there won't be a monetary prize, just bragging rights.

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