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Lost Cat

My Sister lost Gus, an unaltered Siamese male of approximately 7 months of age, on the morning of March 20, 2008. Gus lives on Medella Circle and has never been beyond the backyard of my sister's home. The gardeners left the gate open on Wednesday, and...



We are offering a reward for the return of Gus; no questions asked.

As unlikely as it sounds, this is the second cat we have had go missing in the last six months. Last summer my sister lost another cat and I posted dozens of fliers around Murieta South in an attempt discover Sam's whereabouts.
After posting my fliers I received 5 phone calls from people who had also lost a cat within the previous month. Having six cats go missing within a 1/4 mile radius of my sister's home in less than a month seemed odd. We never found Sam.

If you have seen Gus, please call me. If you have recently lost a cat in Murieta South, please call me. I cannot fathom why Murieta South might be a Bermuda Triangle for cats, but I also am stunned by the loss of a second cat.

My cell # is 320-0891

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Lost Cat

So sorry to hear of your loss.  I'm afraid the most likely cause of the cat disappearances is coyotes.  These magnificent predators do a great job of controlling the deer population, but they're not averse to a smaller meal.  My son is getting a cat today, and this is one of our greatest concerns.  I hope your kitty did not meet this fate.

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Keep cats indoors to protect them

Doug, I too am sorry I hope you find your sister's cat.

Wendy, All I can say, is keep the cat in doors, then there will not be a problem. Make sure children realize they can't keep the doors open and to always be aware when the open the door the cat may run out. Letting them out for a taste of the outside world is also a mistake because they will bug you and bug you until you give in and let them back out. Not only do you have to worry about the coyote has you pointed out, but other dogs, rattle snakes and unfortunately getting hit by a car.

Good luck Laughing

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lost cat

Myrna Solomon

On Feb. 9 2008 Ken Burns reported a siamese cat had come to visit. I can see the dates are off, but you might call him. His number is 3203.  

Myrna Solomon

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Lost Cat

The cat that had visited us lives up the street & has a brother/sister. Our cats are not allowed outside unless we put a harness & leash on them. Too many other wild critters here...I hope you find yours.

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Lost Cat

I am sorry to hear that you lost a second cat.  I pray your cat shows up. 

I lost my cat on August 9, 2007, and I called you when I saw your signs up for your first missing cat.

I truly do not believe the coyotes or the mountain lion got my cat.  He lived here for 10 years.  He was quite savvy with the critters.  I truly believe someone did something to him. He would go on walks in the evening with me and my little Yorkie. 

I hope your sister's cat is found soon.



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