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R&B is behind in taxes, Bee reports

This morning's Bee has a story about Reynen & Bardis -- and a dozen related companies -- owing $1.9 million in late property taxes and penalties. Elk Grove alone is owed $1.3 million, the story says.

The Bee quotes the company's public relations person, who says R&B is "engaged in so many discussions, trying to assure the company's survival."

At this week's Rancho Murieta Association board meeting, directors said a developer with 40 homes in the community -- sounds like R&B -- was behind in dues payments for 10 of the properties. General Manager David Stiffler said the company has a pattern of delinquent payments over the last few years and had just paid off a portion of the current delinquency.

See the Bee story here.

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A house of cards no one could have predicted except anyone half conscious.

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