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The Final Four of Murieta March Madness

Welcome to the long-awaited Final Four of Murieta March Madness. The games started at 7 a.m. today and will wrap up at 10 a.m. Saturday. And there’s a new rule in this silly game with no rules -- you don’t have to be logged in to vote.

CSD Security Chief Greg Remson is facing CSD Director Jerry Pasek in the opening game, while RMA Director Mel Standart plays CSD Director Bobbi Belton in the nightcap.

  • Vote in Game 1 here.
  • Vote in Game 2 here.

What's all this about? It's a sports thing -- borrowed from college basketball. Since last week, in games all over the country, college teams have played in the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship, which everyone calls March Madness. It's a single-elimination tournament, which means if you lose once, you're done. If you win, you advance to the next round to play one of the other winners.

Murieta March Madness started with 16 competitors -- the community’s elected officials and highest-ranking staffers. (They were drafted for the game. They did not volunteer or even agree.) The field has been reduced to eight, then four. After today, it’s two. After Monday, there’s only the champion left.

What are the criteria for voting? It's a silly contest, so you decide.

Here are the latest brackets:


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