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On to the championship game in Murieta March Madness

And then there were two.

The Murieta March Madness Tournament worked down to its final two survivors Saturday, as CSD Directors Jerry Pasek and Bobbi Belton each bested their opponents by a single vote. Pasek defeated Security Chief Greg Remson 19-18, while Belton defeated RMA Director Mel Standart 21-20.

The competition -- a silly parody of the NCAA college basketball March Madness -- began last week with a field made up of the community's elected officials and senior staffers. They didn't volunteer (or even give their consent), but they were chosen as the community's best and brightest.

Pasek and Belton meet in the championship game for 24 hours beginning at 7 a.m. Monday.

Here's a look at the tournament brackets:


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