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Thanks to those who helped make Kiwanis Kid's Fishing Day a success

The Kiwanis Kid's Fishing Day event held this past Saturday, March 29, 2008 turned out to be a great success, inspite of the cool, rainy conditions, due to the support of a host of groups and businesses who contributed in various ways towards making this, our seventh annual event possible.  I would like to take this opportunity to publically thank all of our sponsors and others who contributed for their wonderful support:

- The California Department of Fish and Game, which provided all of the fishing equipment and the educational elements.

- The Rancho Murieta Fishing Club, which provided volunteers to assist the kids with their fishing and showing them how to clean and care for fish caught.

- Business owners Bob Cassano and Jerry Kamilos, Rancho Murieta Marketing Association, Albert and Annie Bates, Worldwide Support Inc., Mo Hirani, Rancho Murieta Plaza, LLC, Joe Mazzoni Jr., North American Funding, Ken Sluiter, CPA, and Tim Whiting, Whiting Construction, all of whom donated $250 each to help offset the cost of the trout planted.

- Plaza Foods Market and the Sexton Family for providing the free BBQ lunch (for the seventh straight year!)

- Greg Nelson, the Rancho Murieta Business Center for handling the sign ups, printing, preparation of signs, etc.

- Calaveras Trout Farms, Inc. for donating part of the trout planted.

- Rancho Murieta Country Club for providing the morning coffee for the volunteers.

- Mar Sha Tes' and Margaret and Ron Zakoor for providing the coffee on very short notice for a cold group of adults at lunch time.

- Barbara's Bakery for the morning snacks provided for the kids as they check in.

 To all of you, the Kiwanis Club and I can't thank you enough for your continued support!

Joe Mazzoni Sr., Chairman, Kiwanis Kid's Fishing Day


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