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Will there be a July 4 dunk tank?

A quirk in the RM.com system means this exchange of comments isn't being touted on the home page, and it's too important to miss.

CSD Director Bobbi Belton starts the thread by thanking those who voted her the winner of Murieta March Madness, and then she, with the encouragement of Wilbur Haines, threatens to turn her victory into a July 4 booth. Read on...


March Madness
On April 1, 2008 Bobbi Belton wrote:

Thanks to all who chose to play in this rm.com game and a special thanks to those who voted for me--all the way through!

I hope it means that you support my efforts on the Board. I'm always available for and open to your comments, be they positive or negative. The more community involvement we have, the better for all of us!

Thanks, again. My granddaughter Nora is using the "story" for show and tell in her second grade classroom this morning!

Bobbi Belton


On April 1, 2008 Wilbur Haines wrote:

All hail the new Queen Of Murieta!

p.s. Did you tell her the reward is a place of honor in the Dunking Booth on July 4?

Dunking booth?

On April 1, 2008 Bobbi Belton wrote:

Who benefits from the proceeds of said dunking booth? I'm game if proceeds can be earmarked for CSD's reward fund.

Bring back the dunking booth!

On April 2, 2008 Wilbur Haines wrote:

I don't think we've had one for years and years now. It was a ton o' fun. People would donate good money for three throws at dunking friends and community leaders.

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