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Courtesy on the New Bridge

Please slow down on the new bridge in your golf carts.  This evening, while going across the new bridge with my six year-old son on a bike, a golf cart was heading the opposite direction.  The golf cart never slowed down and I estimate it was going about 15 mph as it passed us.  Please slow down to 5 mph or so when passing bicyclists, especially passing young kids.  They do not have the coordination or the skills to avoid you.  A thousand pound cart going 15 mph will crush a kid, especially when there is no room to swerve to get out of the way.   

I have noticed a lot of carts recently racing along the path and new bridge that is shared with pedestrians and bikes.  Though I hate to add rules out here, I think a maximum speed needs to be posted and if abused, enforced.       

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Let's keep in mind that the fundamental function of that bridge and path is that of a pedestrian crossing. That is the explicit purpose for which it was required, for which it was funded, for which it was constructed.

When we encounter pedestrians on the bridge/path in our carts, we're on their turf and both safety and common courtesy require slowing down and maintaining a safe distance.

If a safety problem persists it would not be very hard for RMA to close the bridge to golf cart traffic, since it's only required as a pedestrian crossing.

All it would take is a couple of boulders. I think we'd all hate to see that happen.

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