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Bandits are set to take the field!

Phil "Philthy" Albee at the plate.


Your Rancho Murieta Bandits will take to the field on Sunday April 13, at 11AM right here at Stonehouse Park. It will be a great day at the ballpark to experience a blast from the past with vintage style Base Ball. This brand of ball is played with the equipment and rules of the 1880's. The gloves look like gardening gloves, and the pace is a bit faster than the modern game. It's a sight to behold for the "cranks" (fans) as they cheer on “ballists” with some of the most colorful nicknames this side of the Mississippi.


For the home opener, the Rancho Murieta Rotary Club will be barbequing, serving up hot dogs and sodas while the Bandits square off against the Sierra Highlanders (0-1), in the 11AM contest. A second game will be played at 1:30PM, featuring the 2006 Champions, Mother Load Miners (1-0), against the newest GCVBB club, the Ione Preston Nine (0-1).


We'll keep you posted of the season progress here at ranchomurieta.com, and look forward to ongoing coverage/support from Karen. We'd also like to thank our inaugural team sponsors, Envision Realty, Rancho Murieta Rotary, and Realty World. We are truly thankful to all of our supporters!

Your home ballists are:

Jonathan "Junk Yard Dog" Aberle  (P/1B)

Phil "Philthy" Albee                      (CF)

Kevin "Bags" Bagley                     (C/3B/P)

Blake "Calaboose" Carmichael      (SS/3B)

Terry "T-Bone" Conway                 (OF)

Matt "Splinted Splendor" Corsaut   (SP/C/IF)

John "Deuce Hog" Dodson             (2B/OF/P)

Ben " Coco " Hardt                        (OF/1B/C)

Dan "Sunny Daze" Hayes               (OF)

Rob "Rib-eye" Rinaldi                    (IF)

Craig "Shooter" Sheehy                  (IF/P)

Mark "Manley" Walthers                  (OF/IF/C)


The Bandits are in their second season in the Gold Country Vintage Base Ball League, and are one of five GCVBB teams vying for the California Cup, and a possible trip to the World Series in Massachusetts. GCVBB is always looking for new ballists for future seasons. If you are interested in playing, or would like to support the team/league, please drop Blake “Calaboose” Carmichael an e-mail at: drblake4@yahoo.com Or, visit the league website at for more detailed information on the team and the league.  

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