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Can you get DSL at your home?

There's a story comment today from a neighbor who says he can't get AT&T DSL service at his home. This could be a significant issue if, as some predict, RMA broadband service will disappear if the community is free to opt out of the cable system.

This is not the first time we've heard this issue raised (the RM.com World Headquarters can only get limited DSL service, for example), but it's not clear how many homes are affected and where they're located.

If you've been told that you can't get DSL, or can't get the ultimate DSL service, would you drop a line with your address? You might want to do it privately, either through a private message or by e-mailing editor@ranchomurieta.com. We're working with AT&T to get a sense of the size of this issue.

(If you're curious about your own situation, AT&T has a service-availability tool on its web site, but it doesn't seem sufficient for the information we're trying to get.)

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DSL Service

The AT&T service-availability tool tells me that service is not available at my address.  I am told that a call placed to AT&T will get me service.  This makes sense since I had DSL previously.  However, the best service I can get is the lowest level.

I have checked with Earthlink, their availability tool indicates that I can get service.  However it is also at the lowest speed available.

My address is not private, so here it is:

15050 Buho Court

In spite of this, I am in favor of the Cable TV being optional.

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You need to separate these issues


I understand what you are trying to accomplish here, but you are mixing two completely separate issues.  One is the issue that RMA members do not want RMA to subsidize the Cable Television Service thru mandatory participation, basically including the cost in our dues.  The other issue is the availability of Broadband Service.

There are options to provide broadband service that haven't been fully explored yet, so to use this discussion to somehow support keeping RMA in charge of providing Broadband thru a subsidy of the Cable Television Service is nonsensical.  RMA managing Cable Television and/or Broadband is also nonsensical.

RMA has been stating that they have made huge improvements in cable quality.  All week I have been getting terrible service on all my channels with frequent "poor signal" or "no signal" messages.  I have given up even calling RMA anymore and will be converting to one of the dish networks very soon.

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I have always been able to

I have always been able to get AT&T DSL since they rolled out here. Have had it the whole time. Have had their faster service from time to time when they have specials. Have been out of service maybe a handful times and only for a short duration. I am on the South.


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