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SMUD going Green?

I just had to share this. As I'm working away at my computer, I noticed a bicycle ride up slowly in front of my house, stop and the man got off. It was a SMUD man on a bicycle coming to read my meter! Is SMUD going green? What a great idea but what about those hills around the Puerto area? Maybe he just does it in those easy to ride blocks... Smile

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SMUD's very green...

SMUD has a number of meter readers on bikes and others who use kick scooters to go from house to house.  (I know a little bit about this, as I'm an employee.)  SMUD was green before it was fashionable.

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Beth, for as long as I can remember, the SMUD meter reader has always arrived by bicycle. Whether it's "green" or not, it still seems kind of neat.


Bobbi Belton

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1st time for me!

Thanks Ralph & Bobbi, yes it was kind of neat. This is the first time I've seen it, they normally drive up in their truck.

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I usually see them walking

I usually see them walking around from their truck hitting a particular area. It all helps.

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