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Blogs are back

The blogs, which were removed from the home page recently because they got little use, have made a comeback.  Neighbor George Roper has started a blog to cover his group's effort to gather proxy votes in the fight with the RMA over enforced purchase of cable TV service. 

You can find his blog here.  Headlines from the latest blog postings (not many) can be found at the bottom of the middle column of the home page.

Roper writes, "The purpose of this BLOG is to provide a public forum for our effort, make information available about the nature of our effort and answer any questions presented."

If you want to make it easy to follow his blog, click the "Subscribe blog" link at the bottom and you'll get an e-mail whenever he posts a new entry.  (Another link there, "New post alert," will send you an e-mail whenever someone posts a comment in response to the blog.)

Any member of RM.com can have a blog if you've got the urge to write about something.  Just log in and click "My blog" in the area with your account information, at the bottom of the right column. 

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