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BIG PROBLEMS WITH AT&T Is anybody out there?????

For 6 months or more I have been having trouble with my AT&T account. After countless hours on the telephone and writing letters I am still having the same problems. Is anyone out here in RM having problems with AT&T??? Is anyone using a different company  out here for their phone/internet combo ??????

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At one point we started

At one point we started having problems with out AT&T / sbc internet and found out that they had left some diagnostic equipment on it and the diagnostic equipment was failing after it being on for about a year.  Once they came out and removed it we have not had any major problems since.  Our suggestion would be to call them and make them do a remote diagnostic test on your line,  that is how they figured out that they needed to come out - until then they were pretty insistent it was on our side.

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AT&T Problems


AT&T has multiple Business Units and you have to know what specific problem you are having to know which BU to talk with, such as wireless, local, long distance, broadband.

I have had SBC DSL with local and long distance for several years and then was getting a separate bill from AT&T Long Distance outside of my regular combined billing service.  After many months of talking with AT&T representatives in India, I found out that someone had accepted a collect phone call long distance and it wasn't billed thru my long distance carrier.  Their billing department was totally inept in working with me to correct the problem.  At one point, I had my regular AT&T Service representative on the phone with the AT&T long distance service that was trying to collect separately for the collect call and still couldn't get it resolved.

I have to say my broadband and phone service is great, but they are like any large company and have interdepartmental problems and do not communicate effectively.  Especially thru India! 

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AT&T problems

Myrna Solomon I got my AT&T bill and noticed that my Internet charge was $5. more. I called and spoke to two different people. The first woman told me that their rates had gone up. I told her that I had a contract until July, so didn't my contract prevent that from happening?. She said NO. I than asked to speak to a supervisor and she put me on hold and never came back. The next day I called again and spoke to someone else. This woman told me that I hadn't had a contract since 2006, and when I told her that I had renegotiated a new contract last July for $19.99, she continued to tell me that that wasn't true and that I was month to month. She couldn't explain why my month to month was so low, however, she didn't budge from her position. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my paperwork from last year when I renegotiated this years contract. I then said that I wanted to make a 1 year contract  to guarantee the $25 for the year, and I was told that AT&T didn't have contracts anymore. She then did suggest that I do a 2 year "contract" to protect myself from the charge going up. I asked her what would happen if I switched to another provider within the 2 year time period, and she told me that I would have to pay a penalty of $99.99. The whole time I was talking to this woman, I felt like I was in Alice in Wonderland. Basically what I got out of these two calls is that AT&T is a monopoly and they can do and say what ever they want to and they know we don't really have much choice about going anywhere else. Beware out there, this might be the only choice we all have after the dust settles, and after my phone call, really isn't much of a choice at all.


Myrna Solomon

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Had one problem where I was

Had one problem where I was charged $10 more one month then what I should have been due to a new DSL contract. They took it off for me and gave me a $10 credit for their mistake.

Probably depends on who you talk to any particular day.

Been out of DSL service only a handful of times for a short amount of time for years now.

I have their local, long distance, DSL, and 2 cell phones(family talk) for around $120 month with all of the discounts.

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Where to log a complaint

For those of you who are having problems, I would suggest you go to the CA Public Utility Commission's (CPUC) website, http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/puc/, they are the agency that provides oversight to all the phone company's operations in California. When the Telcos want to increase their rates, they have to submit applications to the CPUC. The CPUC monitors complaints logged against the company's and uses this to decide if the request from the Telco is warranted. So logging a complaint and then letting AT&T know you logged a complaint, will log more complaints, tell all of your friends to log complaints, may get you some traction.

Unfortunately, the current state of affairs with the Telcos is chaotic, which is one reason I left after 17 years.  They have had large mergers, which have only successfully integrated at the corporate level and they still operate as separate companies for all practical purposes.  That is primarily why they have so many billing issues.  Isn't change great!  :-)

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