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The “Forever” stamp. Are some of you still wondering what it is?

Some people are still struggling to understand what the “Forever” stamp is all about. However, some people think that it is something far better than it really is. It sells for 42 cents (as of May 12th) just as all our other current First Class stamps will. The “Forever”stamp doesn’t really become any more of a greater value until years from now if you still have the “Forever” stamps that you’ve bought today.


For example, let’s say that about 5 years from now, postage for a letter may be possibly 48 cents (not a fact, just a guess-timate.). If you still have the “Forever” stamps that you bought today for 42 cents, you may continue to use these current “Forever” stamps without having to buy 6 cent stamps to make up the difference. Hypothetically, if you still have today’s “Forever” stamps 63 years from now, while everyone else is paying $8.71 for a stamp to send a measly letter, you can still use your “Forever” stamps that you bought for 42 cents (63 years earlier).

So, the “Forever” stamps are stamps that can be used as a stamp for a regular letter without ever having to buy make-up stamps after rate changes, whenever and forever.

What’s more, this is really nothing new. Our “Breast Cancer” stamps have always worked the same way. Back in 1998, when postage for a one-ounce letter was only 32 cents, we started selling “Breast Cancer” stamps for 40 cents.

Eight cents of each stamp went directly to a fund for Breast Cancer research. As of May 12th of this year, we are still selling the “Breast Cancer” stamp for 55 cents each. So today, 13 cents of each “Breast Cancer” stamp sold goes directly to the Breast Cancer Research fund. So, if you bought Breast Cancer stamps back in 1998, and you still have them today, you can continue to use them as a current rate stamp without ever having to buy any make-up stamps.

Who knows how long they will be selling the “Forever” stamp. We may sell them forever, and if so, I’m sure that they will sell at whatever rate postage may be in the future. Or, they may just stop selling them someday. I just don’t know right now. I don’t think they will ever be available in rolls of 100 (“Breast Cancer” stamps never were), but you can buy as many books of 20 as you may want. They are really only designed to be a transition stamp for when postage changes which will happen every year now in the month of May.

So buy hundreds of “Forever” stamps now and never buy another inconvenient add-on stamp ever again!!!

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