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Lawn Compliance

When driving and walking through the North side I have noticed both empty lots and occupied homes with overgrowing and dead lawns. I thought this was the RMA's responsibility to make the owners compliant. I saw the Compliance Officer drive right past a house that wasn't compliant without even looking at it twice. What needs to be done to rid our community of this blight?

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Lawn Compliance

Don Sams

      Wyatt, give Ian, the Compliance guy a call at 354-3500 and give him the addresses, because the "devil" is in the address details.  My hunch is he does know about the house he passed without looking at it twice, if it is under the RMA umbrella. Let me know if my hunch is wrong.   

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Lawn Compliance

I suspect that in many or most of these cases the warning letters have already gone out but aren't having any effect. RMA has the power under those circumstances, after plenty of warnings, to go onto the property and maintain it and bill the owner, the bill becoming a lien against the property. The problem is that in many cases the owner has already walked away or is about to, and RMA's lien will be wiped out in foreclosure.

I don't care if we "lose money" on saving some of those lawns because we don't get repaid. RMA needs to do something about these landscapes before the blight depresses property values even further, and if we all have to pay a buck more in dues to cover unrecovered maintenance costs, so be it. Solving this kind of problem is WHY we have a homeowners' association.

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No Wilbur, WHY we have an

No Wilbur, WHY we have an HOA is build and maintain a “mandatory” TV enterprise. Ordinary maintenance takes a backseat to launching the new CABLE.Wink

John T Weatherford

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