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An 18-year-old Lago Drive man was arrested Tuesday and charged with possession of stolen property -- items taken from a garage in lower Murieta North.

The sheriff's department identified the arrested man as Matt Leslie, charged with the theft of beer and alcohol from a garage on Carreta Lane last week.

Security gave this account of events Wednesday:

Before midnight last Thursday, it received calls about suspicious persons walking in the area of Colina Lane and Lago Drive, the Villas and Terreno Drive. Two of the callers recognized the suspicious persons.

Security checked the area and could not locate anyone. A short time later, Security Patrol Officer Stacey Ramsey parked his patrol car at the North Gate and walked over to the area where one of the subjects lives.

After a few minutes, Ramsey said, Leslie walked by carrying a cardboard box with beer and two bottles of alcohol. The items were taken from Leslie, who went inside his home with his mother, Ramsey said.

The sheriff's department was called and responded. Further investigation showed the beer was taken from an open garage on Carreta Lane, officials said. Both the sheriff's deputy and Security submitted reports of the incident, which ultimately resulted in the arrest.

"The arrest is a direct result of residents calling the Security Department with suspicious activity," Chief Greg Remson wrote in an e-mail, "and Officer Ramsey's knowledge of the people in the community."

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Good job and thanks!!

Hats off and a thank you to Officer Ramsey for a job well done.  The Officers extra efforts and knowledge of the "beat" led to a great arrest!!  Also thanks to those neighbors who alerted security.

Doug Lewis


Doug Lewis

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Along this same subject...we awoke this morning to find 12 empty Coors cans and the remains of discarded bar-b-que foods and untensils strewn over our driveway. Having parented 4 teenagers during the past years, I am was well aware of where my kids (not angels, but normal active boys and girls) were ,all the time. And certainly knew if they were sneaking out or coming home with alchohol on their breath.

Without proper parenting and a common sense approach to teenage children, RM adults are creating these kinds of results.


It's not the fault of security or improper regulations! Wake up RM and check on your kids.

By the way, the garbage was in and out of a Trader Joes shopping bag..maybe this will ring a bell with some parent..not a lot of kids shop Trader Joes!!!!

Al Somers

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