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RMA telecast of the 5/20/08 Board Meeting

RMA, I would like to congratulate RMA on their EXCELLENT telecast of the RMA Board meeting of 5/20/08! What a superb job! The first 20 -25 minutes of the meeting were accompanied by a LOUD BUZZ that really enhanced the sound! The squealing microphones were an added delight! You should be commended on the strategically placed microphones that prevented everyone from hearing the questions and the responses. The staff table was particularly exceptional. Nothing could be heard there. Did they forget how to use the portable microphone or has it been stolen? An added flair was the yelling and screaming going on between some Board members and some members in the audience! This Board really shows a lot of class!  This was the mother of all meetings. This skit should be shown on Saturday Night Live! Do you people even review the tape of the meeting before you televise it? I think we all know the answer to that question! And you want to run a Cable Television System! You can’t even broadcast a Board meeting…..

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