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Sacramento's "cheapest gas prices" list available.

Go on-line and open;


Under the "yellow" urgent bar, type in the zip code where you work.  A Sacto Gas Prices website opens up.  A list of the lowest "reported" gas stations in Sacramento will appear.  If you need something more specific on your route to and from work, on the left side of that same page on-line, under a "red" bar that says "search for gas prices" under "area" click in the specific city you work in.  Then click "Search now!"  You'll get a tighter list.  You can even participate and become a "cheapest gas price" reporter yourself.

 I hope this helps you.

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Are you a price-shopper?

This might make no sense, but gas prices have gotten so bad I don't even worry about price anymore.

That said, is there a station with reliably good prices on the Jackson-Bradshaw-50 Murieta commute?

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Best gas price

Yes, I am aware of that station, I try to use it whenever I can, but Elk Grove is where I commute from.  I'm sharing this website for those who want to actually look for the stations who are always cheaper than everyone else.  Awareness and sharing information helps us all in our choices of how we spend our money these days.  I'm always looking for better deals and I like to help people to be able to do the same.


Your local postal clerk,  354-8447

Kerry, your local Postal Clerk

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