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Candy Chand in the Bee

The front page of today's Forum section has a piece by Candy Chand, one of the leaders of Rancho Murieta Development Concerned Citizens Committee.  The piece is about attending a county hearing for a Rancho Cordova development -- housing that includes a university.  Here's a taste:


...Because most of you were not there that day, here is my best interpretation of the proponents' nifty three-point presentation:

1. The university was proposed in such an ideal geographical spot, it would hardly ever need to turn on the air conditioning. (Hooray for controlling greenhouse gases). Apparently, this is how it works: The site is just one of four places (yes, four) in the entire planet (yes, planet) where (and this part gets a little fuzzy) the layout of the land lends itself to capturing cool breezes; therefore, air conditioning will rarely be needed. (Tell that to the future students sweating bullets when it's 100 degrees in the shade).

2. The property is perfectly suited for re-growing oak trees. Key word here: "re-growing." (It's always good to have 100-year goals).

3. This university would be particularly eco-friendly, because environmentalists would have the opportunity to be educated within the walls of this fine institution. (There's nothing like being thrown a bone).


The full piece is here.

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