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Bee's non-endorsement for Sac mayor

And you think Murieta has curious politics.

There's an interesting editorial in the Bee this morning.  Should city residents vote for Heather Fargo or Kevin Johnson for mayor on June 3?  The Bee's answer -- vote for anyone but those two.  The editorial allows, "Even we are somewhat astonished by this recommendation."

The Bee's thinking is that the rules say if no one gets 50 percent of the votes, then the race continues to a November vote, and it's hoped the choice will be clearer then. 

Here's what the editorial says:


Voters need this race to run until November. Johnson, making his first run for office, has too many things to answer. Fargo, seeking an unprecedented third term as mayor, has too much to answer for.

This was not an outcome we foresaw when Johnson entered the race. At that point, it seemed Sacramentans would have a clear choice between Fargo's experience and Johnson's promise as a leader. But the campaign to date has cast a dubious light on both Fargo's experience and Johnson's potential to lead.


The editorial delivers a pretty good smack-down on both Johnson and Fargo.  Johnson gets lashed for his poor handling of questions about his conduct and character.  Fargo is criticized for her judgment and her connection to issues like crime and a new arena.

Read the whole piece here

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