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Newborn Fawns - please be careful

Well I see it's time for my annual reminder.  I just heard a noise outside 11:20pm and there were mom and her newborn twin fawns outside our side window.  

So everyone please take care while walking, alone or with your family dog as the mother deer are very protective.  Also please take extra care while driving, these little ones just don't know any better and 1) are unstable on their feet and 2) will get stronger over the next couple of weeks and may dart out in front of your car. 

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Again please be careful when

Again please be careful when walking your dogs as the does could attack!

Sunday, we had a fawn sleeping against the neighbors house in the shade for 4 hours. Then as I was watching someone's dog (a basset hound I think) was loose from a court behind us Terreno 5 Park. The fawn laid really still and the dog just talked by. But then all of a sudden, and I had no idea the mom was laying somewhere else out of sight, the dog is running and yelping as the mom took after it. Unfortunately, the baby got up and started running too. I'm not sure if I saw it get trampled by the dog or mom but the fawns been missing and the mom was out looking for hours. I see there's a doe still out there this morning but no fawn. So it either did get hurt or it just kept on running and now doesn't know how to get back.

So back to why you should be careful. I watch out my office window owners and their dogs out for a walk. The owners keep their dogs on a long lead which makes them look unattended especially when rounding a corner. If they kept them by their side, deer might not seem them as a threat.

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Di Davey I witnessed an

Di Davey I witnessed an incident last Thursday that really made me angry.  I was on the North course around 11:30 and was going from the 15th green to the 16th tee.  There is an opening there and you can see parts of the Parkway.  There were 3 deer laying in the grass about halfway between the cart path and the Parkway.  A man and woman in a golf cart were traveling on the Parkway and spotted the deer.  The man immediately turned his dog loose on the deer, scaring them and scattering them.  I yelled at him to get his dog back on the leash and he just looked at me.  I yelled again, and then he called his dog and they drove away - the dog still NOT on a leash.  I wish I had been closer and had been able to get his cart sticker number.  I don't know whether there were any fawns there or not, but we certainly have some less than steller adults living here.

Di Davey

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Newborn fawns

Well I might not have gotten a picture of the first newborn fawns a couple of weeks ago but I did find two tiny ones with mom in our yard today 6/8. I can't seem to download the pictures so I will send them to RM.com to post.

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Beth's good work...

Beautiful shots by Beth... (And thanks for sharing!)


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Beth, your neighbor and I

Beth, your neighbor and I watched the tiny faun this afternoon, sleeping in the shade by her house.  It was so still, probably because it's instinct told it that humans were around.  We were concerned that it was sick, but then the mother and her other faun showed up and the little one started nursing.....so glad to see that it was OK.  I know the deer and residents have a love/hate relaltionship, but when you see these darling babies, you just think of the "love" part.  Thanks for your reminders and concern, 

Judy Prenez

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