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Proposition 8-- Temporary Property Tax Relief

In the last several weeks I have received two mailings about my real estate taxes.  The first was from Property Tax Adjusters, Inc.  If you will only send them a check for a $95.00 fee, they will guarantee (or your money back) a lower tax bill.  SAVE your money.

 The second mailing was from the Sacramento County Assessors Office.  This notified me of my temporary property tax relief.  “No action on your part is necessary.”  Not if I want accept their determination of my property value.  Their value is simply a fantasy. The county thinks my home is worth $40,000 more than zillow.com. There is a telephone number and website for you to contact for assistance.  You will need to provide comparable sales to prove your lower value. I am a licensed real estate broker and have access to data you can use to support your property’s value. I will be glad to help you for $0.00 and no obligation. E-mail me at gri4rm@sbcglobal.net

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