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South Gate Broke (Again)

one of the two gate arms has been out of commission for over a month.  what gives?  had to wait a year to fix the overhead roof when someone ran into it.  why on earth would it take a month to fix this gate?  oh i forgot, have to raise the dues first...

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This is just another example of the mismanagement in this community.  When the gate was broken last time, i was told that CSD was looking into getting a spare unit to take care of issues like this, i guess it was not done.  When this community first loked into the gate entry system, I pushed for a system similar to the fast track system, much more reliable then the bar code scanners and bar codes, i was told by individuals at the time that the cost difference between the bar code labels, approx $10 and the RF tags that would get mounted to the windshield, approx $20 would be to much cost for each household.  I guess that the "Better Decision" that was made by the board back then will continue to haunt this community like so many other things.

This brings up another funny subject, we have a board that is mismanaged in both the CSD and RMA that loses a director, and guess who picks the replacement, the board.

I think we need to do a total recall of both boards ad get people in the position that really cares about this community and not just their own ideas.  The board is elected to help the community move forward, in my 8+ years in this community, I have seen it go from good to bad to even worse. 

In addition to the mismanagement, we have an increasing crime problem, an increasing speed problem, a security force that can not do anything to protect this community.  We have no security or safety in this community, anyone can walk into this communtiy, do criminal activities, and walk out without anyone knowing or getting their information.  I would prefer to have no security and fully automated gate system then what we have now.

We need someont that really wants to get things done in this community, it is a shame that we have sunk as low as we have.

Tom Rhoades


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