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Come to Trash -n- Treasure and help this Student Ambassador earn his tuition

Come and visit my space (#11 on Murieta Dr) at Trash -n - Treasure on Saturday June 7th, and help me earn my Student Ambassador tuition.

A Student Ambassador is invited to apply, then interviews and gets accepted into the program, attends several meetings and works on several projects to get ready for the trip. Then he travels with other delegates to a foreign country and meets community leaders, participates in service projects, meets and goes to school with his student counterparts, and learns about the countries government and culture while sharing his own with those he meets. I'm very excited to be a part of this program, but time is running short and I have some tuition left to earn. I'll be traveling to Australia and New Zealand during the month of July.

Some items I'll have are baked goodies, a Game Cube, Game Cube games, elliptical trainer, ESPN GameStation, books, clothes, DVDs, VHS movies, MegaBlok castle, board games, bedding, etc...

I appreciate everyone taking the time to come to my space and shop. I'll have flyers about my trip and be happy to talk with anyone about the projects I have worked on and where I will be traveling.

I'm also available for yardwork, petsitting, babysitting, and any miscellaneous chores (please see my ad in Help Available). Thank you so much to all who have provided me with the opportunity to work to earn my own way for this trip, your support is greatly appreciated.

Matthew Hatcher, age 14

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