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Grass Fire

There is a very large grass fire in area of Calvine/Grantline/Bond/Gerber and there are road closures and possible evacuations in area. FYI

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Thanks, Rebecca

Alerts like this are appreciated.

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More on the fire news...

News10.net reports more than 1,000 acres burned at Jackson and Bradshaw and a veteran firefighter suffered second- and third-degree burns.  Ten strucures were destroyed, officials said.




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Sure looked like Wilton to me

Boy it sure looked like Wilton to me. I was out at the FAA Bldg and looking out that field past the river seemed to be the heart of a fire. Of course my sense of direction is terrible.

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News10 was off a bit

Turns out Jackson and Bradshaw was the nearest big intersection. The fire was on the south side of Jackson well east of Bradshaw. The fire, which was still scattered patches of flame at 8 p.m., came right up to Jackson Road and Excelsior. You'll see what it did on your next trip into town.

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