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Car crash victim

I was wondering if anyone had an update on the lady that was seriously injured in that horrible accident on 6/12 outside the South Gate. Unfortunately, my young daughter and I witnessed the whole thing and I can't seem to get her off my mind.

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Car crash update

Julie and our RM neighbors:  Gretchen, my wife, is recovering at Mercy San Juan.  She was moved out of Trauma ICU July 1st and will be transferring to an acute rehabilitation center in the Bay Area early next week.  She is making good progress but has a very long road ahead of her.  The doctors are optimistic that her outcome will be good. 

The support we have received from our friends and neighbors, the RM Community church, and our "tennis buddies" has been amazing... THANKYOU!

The Sac Metro Fire paramedics, RM Security personnel and the first passerbys who stopped all did an incredible job in safely extracting her from the car and getting her medivac'd to Mercy's Trauma Center.  Their skills and coordinated efforts saved her life and prevented any spinal cord damage and should be applauded!

Dave Rhodes

Dave Rhodes

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Car crash update

Thank you so much for the update. Many of us have kept your wife and your family in our thoughts.

I hope that there is consistent improvement and that she can be home much sooner than later. I am so relieved to hear that her long term recovery looks so positive!

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Thank you for sharing


Thanks for letting Murieta know. Many people have wondered about Gretchen's condition. If good wishes count for anything, she'll be back home, and living her former life, in no time.

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