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Four pieces of heavy equipment used in the Bass Lake drainage project were vandalized, suffering a dozen broken windows, dents and stolen tools, officials said Wednesday.

The vandalism took place late Sunday, according to Rancho Murieta Security Chief Greg Remson. He said sheriff's investigators were on the scene in the early hours of Monday, dusting for fingerprints and taking plaster casts of shoeprints.


Four pieces of heavy equipment were vandalized at Bass Lake.

"We have suspect information," Remson said, adding that the vandals face charges of felony vandalism. The Community Services District is offering a $1,000 reward in the crime. To share information, call 354-3743.

The damaged vehicles are owned by DeSilva Gates Construction, Thundercloud Trucking and Operating Engineeers Local 3.

"I think I got the most of it," Thundercloud owner Dale Reed said Wednesday on the work site. He said in addition to about $1,000 in glass-replacement costs, the vehicle's door was dented and tools were stolen from the cab. Apparently someone stood on the hood of the vehicle, over six feet off the ground, and kicked in its windshield.

The damages to the water truck left him unable to work Monday, Reed said, costing him a day's pay.

"Of all places, I thought here would be pretty safe," he said.

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