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Two tires were slashed on a Rancho Murieta Association vehicle in the RMA Building lot late Tuesday or early Wednesday, officials report. The SUV is used by the Compliance Department.

RMA Compliance Officer Ian J. Hunt discovered the flattened tires on the passenger side of the late-'90s Ford Explorer about 7 a.m. Wednesday, according to Security Chief Greg Remson. “We thought originally they had just been deflated,” RMA General Manager David Stiffler said Thursday. Punctures in the sidewalls of the tires became apparent when a portable pump was used to inflate them, he said.

“This is the first time in the two years that I’ve been here that I can remember any vandalism taking place here in the parking lot of the RMA Building,” Stiffler said. “It certainly gives us a better appreciation for the other vandalism taking place out there in the community. We’re going … to conduct some research … talking to the people who have had vandalism (incidents) … and we’re going to put together a list of the actual monetary damage that’s been done in the last six months … to get an idea to the community of what this is costing them.”

The SUV was parked in the back of the lot, its customary location. The driver’s side was visible from Murieta Parkway, but the passenger side faced the 11th fairway, Remson said. Patrol didn’t notice anything amiss during a business check on the building and lot made during the night, he said.

It’s not the first time the Compliance vehicle has been vandalized, according to officials. About three years ago the vehicle was pounded and dented, and the lights were smashed when it was parked overnight in the lot.

The vehicle has signage that identifies it as belonging to the Compliance Department. Officials wouldn’t speculate about whether the vandalism was random or targeted.

A Volunteer In Partnership with the Sheriff from the James L. Noller Safety Center took a report on the incident to submit along with photos of the damage to the Sheriff’s Department.

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