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A group of six or eight vandals roamed through streets in lower Murieta North overnight, tossing garden furniture, lawn ornaments, lights and sprinklers into the streets and doing serious damage to a truck parked in a driveway. Security had received five reports of vandalism by midday Friday.

The first report came in at 1:40 a.m. Security patrol, unable to locate the reported six to eight vandals, received calls or found items tossed in the streets on Trinidad, Guadalupe, Lago and Venado drives as well as Lindero and Carreta lanes.


This truck was damaged overnight when a hose was put in the window and turned on. (Photo: Special to RanchoMurieta.com.)

The most serious incident, a felony vandalism, occurred on Carreta, where vandals put a garden hose into the open window of a pickup truck and turned on the water, flooding the truck's cab. That incident has been reported to the sheriff's department, according to Security Sgt. Jim Bieg.

Security said the patrol officer noticed a lot of open garage doors while pursuing the vandals.

"Yet again, remember to shut garage doors," Bieg said. "Make sure cars are locked, with the windows up, and try to do away with the crimes of opportunity."

If you have information about the incidents, call 354-CARE or 354-3743. If you're missing property, stop by the North Gate, where items picked up overnight are being held.

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Once again, security cannot seem to locate vandals roaming the streets in the middle of the night. All we seem to get from our security department is admonishions to keep garage doors closed and cars locked. So we had six to eight vandal commiting crimes on six different steets, and security can't catch anyone? The compliance vehicle had its tires slashed two nights in a row, and no one was caught? Maybe it's time for a new security chief who will be personally be out on the streets at night and finally catch someone. This is past ridiculous.

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Vandalism in RM

I totally agree with John.  The current level of security in RM is not acceptable.  Both the RMA and CSD boards know this is a priority issue, but so far no real solutions have been implemented.  Residents want better security but don't seem to support curfew enforcement, increased fines for traffic and CC&R violations, speed bumps, or "real tickets" for speeding/stop sign infractions.  Perhaps, through our lack of action, we are getting exactly what we want: a security force with little authority to enforce the rules and regulations of our community.

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Myrna Solomon  I do not agree with either of the previous comments made here. There were 8 teenagers out in the middle of the night, and you are blaming Security? What about these kids PARENTS????? Not even a really good Police Department could have prevented this IMHO. As long as parents continue to stay in denial as what their teenagers are doing, the rest of us will continue to be vandalized and worse. I've read else where that some people don't think this is a very serious problem, so what does that mean? What do these kids have to do before it is "serious" to them? I suspect; when it happens to their car, their house, their stuff. I do agree that we all can prevent some of this by putting our cars in the garage,closing our garages, and locking our doors, but if these kids are taking patio furniture and throwing it out in the street, that is another thing all together. I am in agreement with those who think that it is time to have a Neighborhood Watch, or whatever you want to call it so that there are many more people out at night helping Security have many more eyes to do their job. I believe that some of you are ignoring the obvious reason why this is happening, some parents out here don't want to do their job to make sure that their kids understand what the consequences will be if they go out in the middle of the night. Even after some of these kids have been caught, their parents response is to buy them something instead of punishing them.  Do you think that is going to get them to stop?  

Myrna Solomon

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Neighborhood Watch

I too think it's unfair to blame security, considering their limitations and staffing. Even if they see some kids going down the street, they don't have the authority to stop them, unless the kids are willing. So if security sees anyone out late at night, and if they aren't willing to identify themselves, then that's just about all security can do, outside of trying to be a presence.

The more eyes out there trying to prevent this stuff, the better. I guess at the Neighborhood Watch they will teach you what to do if you see an act in progress?

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