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Dinner and A Movie

My wife and I went out for a movie in El Dorado Hills last night and were delighted to find the new Mexican restaurant, Pueblo Chico Cantina directly across from the theater.  It is a family owned upscale eatery with an excellent bar, outdoor seating as well as an enclosed open air area.  The food was very good with some items you don't normally see in Mexican fare.  I had the crayfish enchiladas and they were very good.  I've encouraged them to get involved in the community activities and advertising as it is only 20-25 minutes away.

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A group of us also went to Pueblo Chico Cantina after a move in early August. We also were very happy with the restaurant and the menu choices. Thank you for the reminder, I'll have to make a point to get there again.

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Pueblo Chico Cantina

I also ate there with a co-worker about 6 weeks ago, unfortunately, it was one of the worst mexican meals my friend and I had ever eaten.  I am glad some that have eated there have enjoyed, but it is a place that I will never eat at again.

Tom Rhoades


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