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Troops need your cards, letters and pictures!

It is that time again! We need to send the troops our good wishes. If you or your family or any organization would like to put together a card (s), picture (s), or letter(s), I would get them to The California Defenders of Freedom distribution center. We need to have the items by Nov. 1st in order for them to get to the troops by Christmas. I hope you can take a liitle time to make a BIG difference. Thanks in advance for your support. I also want to thank all of you that have donated in the past. Although we don't see the happy faces upon opening each box, I know you are making a difference for each soldier. If you want to contribute items instead of letters, the troops love music cds, movies, candy, jerky, gum, etc. You can drop any and all items at my house 7335 zancada court or I would love to pick them up. Just e-mail( bandt3@sbcglobal.net) or call me 354-0595! Thanks!

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