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Live-blogging tonight's RMA meeting

We'll be live-blogging tonight's RMA board meeting, which begins at 6:30.  That means you'll be able to follow the meeting in real time as we post a running blog about what's going on.  You don't have to do anything with your computer to follow the meeting -- the home page will update whenever we post something new.  (For an example, see last month's CSD board meeting.)

If you're a RM.com member, you can comment in the blog as the meeting is going on.  Just log in to your RM.com account and use your real name when you post a comment to the blog.  You have to do both of those things or your comments won't appear.

Tonight's meeting agenda has a lot of important business.  Here's the agenda's schedule for key issues. (Be aware the meetings usually run longer than the agenda anticipates.)

  • 6:30 p.m.: Meeting opens with public comments
  • 6:55: Board action on resolution making Murieta's streets public to allow enforcement of the state's motor vehicle code. (Recent coverage)
  • 7:20: Board action on 2009 budget. (Recent coverage)
  • 7:40: Board action on new rules for curfew, skateboarding and vandalism. (Recent coverage)
  • 8:15: Board action on proposal for additional iights at Stonehouse Park. (Recent coverage)

The full agenda is here.  See you back here this evening.

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